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Wireless AutoSwitch

What is Wireless AutoSwitch?

Wireless AutoSwitch runs as a service and will automatically disable your wireless card when you connect to a LAN (hard wire) connection, and re-enable the wireless card when there is no LAN connection. 

Many companies today are rolling out internal wireless networks and going from desktops to laptops so their employees can work in and out of the office.  This presents two issues: redundant network connections and possible bridged networks / hacked networks.

There is no reason to have both the LAN and wireless connected at the same time so when there is a LAN connection the wireless card should be disabled.  Also if the wireless card is on and not connected to the internal network then it is wide open to connect to an external access point or being connected to by a hacker.  This leaves your secure LAN wide open to hackers.  So you need to have the wireless automatically disabled when the laptop is connected/plugged into the Ethernet connection.

Wireless AutoSwitch will look for a LAN/Ethernet connection and immediately disable the wireless card automatically.  When there is no LAN (hardwired) connection the wireless card is automatically enabled.  In this way you your corporate network is secure and your users can switch between wired and wireless seamlessly. 

This auto enable/disable feature of Wireless AutoSwitch also works on Modems, Bluetooth and 3G/Broadband cards.

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